What this site will be about?

The Author

Welcome to my blog SQL Clinic. SQL Clinic is a blog that serves the application developer community with tips about the SQL language, configuring databases and database design tips. I hope, eventually, that the information that I provide is helpful when looking for solutions and insightful when thinking about new designs.

If you are a programmer that subscribes to this blog. I intend to publish design tips at least once a month. I have worked as a DBA with Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, DB2 and PostgreSQL databases for more than 20 years. Most recently I am working with Amazon and Azure databases. My work has centred around databases, the ETL that feeds them and the platforms that use them. So reading my tips would hopefully help you.

There is no up-sell to this blog at this time. If that ever changes, I will be very clear if I am receiving any compensation for the software or service that I promote. My inspiration for this work is to diminish programmer frustration through sharing of knowledge.

Have a nice day.

Published by Marek

Just a Database Administrator from Montreal.

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